Game Video Analysis

BTB pulls video clips for your session utilizing LiveBarn & Hockey TV, meaning no extra work for players or parents in obtaining game film!

Session Types

Individual sessions benefit athletes looking to study their recent game footage shift by shift on a highly personalized level.

Group sessions benefit a small group of teammates looking for a cost-effective introduction into video analysis coaching. Sessions focus on shifts from the participating athletes, not the entire team.

Team sessions benefit entire teams looking to evaluate effectiveness of systems, strengths & weaknesses in D-zone coverage, forecheck, and neutral zone, and how to improve game outcomes.

Open sessions are cost-friendly group classes that study game themes from NHL individual players and recent NHL games. We break down the video in an easily digestible way for young players to learn from the greatest players in the world, and apply them to their own game while learning how to effectively study video

Players & Location

We typically work with athletes between the ages of 12-18 years, but can work with players younger or older on a per situation basis. We work with a wide range of players, ranging from Tier 2 youth up to Elite AAA, NCAA, and Professional levels.

All sessions are virtual. We send the parent a Google Meet link to click at the time of the session. All parents need to do is log the player in and let them get ready to study!

Players are encouraged to record their sessions to review the information in the future!

Game Video Analysis

Click here to register for a one-on-one video session breaking down your most recent game film! Once registered, Coach JT will reach out to your email to set up a time for the video session.

(Pricing is for one-on-one video sessions. To inquire about group video sessions, please email JT at

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